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Adventure, excitement, and romance too.
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The following clips are early versions of the scenes available for individual download. Some have all the voices, sound effects and music sountrack plus post production visual effects, but those numbered V001 (version 1) may be missing some voices effects or other sounds. Most have subtitles so you can follow the story even if you have no sound on the equipment you are using.

They vary in size from 10Mb to 25Mb with running times between 1 min and 3 minutes.

If you want to see the entire movie it will be available later this year

Scene 001 Speedster swoops the delectable Jayjay should be writing a travel piece, but instead she gets into trouble for dangerous flying.

Scene 001b Airport and message from Marmont - to be upgraded. If you could do a better animation of this scene, join the open source movie production system and replace the message of this scene with a better animation. Charlotte Marmont sends a message to Loitnant Jones warning him that he is in danger.

Scene 002 Message from Mamaison - to be upgraded. Loitnant Jones superior sends his orders which are foolhardy, but Jones is a stickler for duty. If you could do a better animation of this scene, join the open source movie production system and replace the message of this scene with a better animation.

Scene 004 Stinky and the delectable Jayjay The delectable Jayjay reports in to her boss at the travel company and uses her beauty to excuse her problems.

Scene 005 Loitnant Jones at Companion R&D Obeying his orders, Loitnant Jones goes to Companion R&D to arrest the scientists who are involved in the genetic manipulation of animals.

Scene 006 Chan at the think tank Now that the scientists have been assassinated, the leader of the undercover team at Companion R&D searches for the secrets of the think tank.

Scene 007 Secret Assignation Preparation The delectable Jayjay is worried by the anonymous message left for her to meet someone alone. Should she go?

Scene 008 Secret Assignation at the data center Jayjay discovers who her secret assignation is with and it will change her life.

Scene 009 Jones flits to league HQ Jones flits to League HQ to continue to track the sole survivor of the assassins attack. How did Jefratus escape the terrorists?

Scene 011 Jones at the quartermaster Having discovered that Jefratus has feld into the killing deserts of Lawless, Jones prepares his equipment before following.

Scene 013 Jones enters Lawless Jones enters Lawless after swearing an oath to the entry guards.

Scene 014 Hignat meets Jones In escaping the attacks of Marauders, Jones needs the help of the unpredictable Hignat.

Scene 015 Hignat seduces Jones because she s taken by his firm buttocks and muscled thighs. She says, "All you desire will be found in my tent..."

Scene 017 Jayjay and Beets enter Lawless to track and protect Jefratus.

Scene 018 Jones reaches the battle - too late to save his old love Jayjay. He cannot believe that she came into Lawless and that this is her violated and burnt corpse.

Scene 018b Jones does Forensic reconstruction to discover what happened prior to sending a message to next of kin.

Scene 020 The Chief responds to the news that Jayjay has been murdered.

Scene 021 Recovery teams listen to Chief as he explains the need to recover the body

Scene 022 Gypsies watch the teams preparing to enter Lawless

Scene 023 The recovery teams enter Lawless full of pride in their invincibility, but pride turns to folly.

Scene 024 The surviving teams return from Lawless into the seductuve clutches of the gypsies

Scene 025 Loitnat Jones catches up with Jefratus because the machines arrange it.

Scene 027 Jefratus confronts Jones and shows him the evil he has wrought

Scene 028 Jones talks with the dead Jayjay - he does what?.. and faces a moral dilemma which changes his life.

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