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Adventure, excitement, and romance too.
  60 Minute feature film - Summer Release 2006

Due for release this summer, the first of the God's Companion movies, The Search for Jefratus, runs 60 minutes and is filmed in widescreen PAL.

Created entirely on computers in an international collaboration using software from America, some of which is freely available open source software, computer models and designs from many countries including Brazil and Germany, based on the novel written in Spain, the film has been filmed on computers in Spain and Britain.

You can read blogs written by the characters from the movie as they explain in their own words the events of the story seen from their point of view.

Each blog links to that character's friends or enemies, but not to characters that they do not meet, or have not yet met.

Prior to release of the full length movie you can only have a glimpse
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God's Companion project - Open Source Movie Production

As featured in the August print edition of 3DWorld magazine, the on-line virtual studio which takes Open Source to a higher level.

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