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Adventure, excitement, and romance too.
  Delectable Jayjay, Loitnant Jones & Chan
The delectable Jayjay seeks adventure, excitement and romance too, but has to pick her outfits to ensure that she is dressed in adventure latest moda. She is surprised when her car bumps into that of her old colleague Jones who is on a secret mission.

They both believe that the other still harbours ill-will, but the future will display their deeper feelings.

Loitnant Jones of the Knwaybe Defence League in his chair at Complexica Airport, after seeing Jayajy. He reviews his orders and a warning message sent by a colleague before proceeding to Companion R&D where he is expected to arrest the development team with special need to arrest the head designer, Jefratus. Jones will fail in this mission because the entire development team have been assassinated by the mysterious and elusive Liberators; those killers from the 6th dimension - or so myth describes them - the truth is that no one knows who or what these killers are. All we know is that they appear from thin air, slaughter and vanish.

Loitnant Jones of the Knwaybe Defence League rarely travels first class, and has seen too much suffering as an officer of the League, dedicated in protecting Companions - those genetically engineered pets whcih are all the rage these days.

He leaves the airport without telling Jayajy how he feels about her or how dangerous his mission is likely to be, but neither of them suspect how their lives will be tossed by tragedy and unimaginable challenges.

Jones is to make contact with the Knwaybe Defence League's undercover team working at Companion R&D led by Chan. To verify Chan's identityt place the KDL card on her tongue for a DNA confirmation, but events will require Jones to return to KDL headquarters to track Jefratus who has remarkably escaped the normally lethal interest of the Liberators. How did he escape? Read his blog to find out.

The Knwaybe Defence League undercover team infiltrating the R&D department at Companion Corp is lead by Chan. It is she who locates the think tank and arrests the data, while her team discovers the new Companion Prototypes.

SpyCam on Chan~20 second video 2Mb .wmw showing Chan using gesticons to control the dataplex as she arrests the data and transfers it to the impound on Terra Central

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