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  Flitting to Lawless Jones Meets Hignat
Flitting is instantaneous as you cross the string barriers in a higher dimension and step across vast distances. Remember whatever you experience in the process is an illusion.

As Jones flits to Lawless from Knwaybe HQ he is haunted by the suffering he has witnessed and his unspoken emotions for Jayjay. When he arrives outside the entry gat to Lawless he has to put those thoughts aside as he plans how to enter without being easy prey to the vile Marauders.

The sentry guard at the entry gate into Lawless requires that you swear that you are entering by your free will. That is the only requirement to leave civilization.

After Jomes so swears and he manages to get past the Marauder ambush he will need the help of Hignat Smith.

Hignat lives in Lawless and is tough enough to live in that hostile environment, but she hears voices and is keen on killing visitors after having made them comfortable for a nice chat.

Hignat uses the drone to locate Jones of the Knwaybe Defence League with whom she hopes for a romantic tryst. She helps him repair his hover rider after he crashes and gives him information about Jefratus who entered Lawless earlier. Hignat also goes on about someone she calls Sadie who was there the day before with a robot she called Beets. Jones will realise who Sadie really is and he will be reduced to tears.

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