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  Jefratus, Stinky, the Chief & the recovery
Jefratus is the reknowned leader of the R&D centre at Companion Corp, and having escaped the assassination attempt by Liberators he has fled to the dangerous wilderness of Lawless followed by Jayajy and Jones KDL, one to save him the other to arrest him for crimes against life.

Jayjay's immediate boss at Minmax Travel Advisory is commonly refered to as Stinky (don't ask). His fondness for the delectable Jayjay is only exceeded by his love of epic poetry, so why does he ignore the terrible reports about her in Lawless?

"Yes, well, I Um.. we.. er, well" The Chief deciding whether to send in a recovery team to bring back the body of Jayjay tragically lost in Lawless. He orders three teams to fly into Lawless at night to recover the body without attracting the attention of Marauders....

They watched the three armoured personnel carriers fly off on the rescue mission and they watched as two limped back. The Maremundo team and the Troikans had returned, but what of the earth team? That vehicle would be worth a treasure as salvage and the two gypsies were determined to collect it.

While one of the gypsies fails to extract information from the slimey Maremundo team
her sister is on the other side of the airfield trying to seduce the Troikans to find out where the earth team crashed so that she and her sister can claim salvage.

her seductive powers win over the surviving warriers from Troika. (The gypsies salvage operation using giant Crulu will be in a later episode.)

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