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Adventure, excitement, and romance too.
  Delectable Jayjay, Loitnant Jones & Chan
The delectable Jayjay seeks adventure, excitement and romance too, but has to pick her outfits to ensure that she is dressed in adventure latest moda. She is surprised when her car bumps into that of her old colleague Jones who is on a secret mission.

They both believe that the other still harbours ill-will, but the future will display their deeper feelings.

Loitnant Jones of the Knwaybe Defence League in his chair at Complexica Airport, after seeing Jayajy. He reviews his orders and a warning message sent by a colleague before proceeding to Companion R&D where he is expected to arrest the development team with special need to arrest the head designer, Jefratus. Jones will fail in this mission because the entire development team have been assassinated by the mysterious and elusive Liberators; those killers from the 6th dimension - or so myth describes them - the truth is that no one knows who or what these killers are. All we know is that they appear from thin air, slaughter and vanish.

Loitnant Jones of the Knwaybe Defence League rarely travels first class, and has seen too much suffering as an officer of the League, dedicated in protecting Companions - those genetically engineered pets whcih are all the rage these days.

He leaves the airport without telling Jayajy how he feels about her or how dangerous his mission is likely to be, but neither of them suspect how their lives will be tossed by tragedy and unimaginable challenges.

Jones is to make contact with the Knwaybe Defence League's undercover team working at Companion R&D led by Chan. To verify Chan's identityt place the KDL card on her tongue for a DNA confirmation, but events will require Jones to return to KDL headquarters to track Jefratus who has remarkably escaped the normally lethal interest of the Liberators. How did he escape? Read his blog to find out.

The Knwaybe Defence League undercover team infiltrating the R&D department at Companion Corp is lead by Chan. It is she who locates the think tank and arrests the data, while her team discovers the new Companion Prototypes.

SpyCam on Chan~20 second video 2Mb .wmw showing Chan using gesticons to control the dataplex as she arrests the data and transfers it to the impound on Terra Central

  Jefratus, Stinky, the Chief & the recovery
Jefratus is the reknowned leader of the R&D centre at Companion Corp, and having escaped the assassination attempt by Liberators he has fled to the dangerous wilderness of Lawless followed by Jayajy and Jones KDL, one to save him the other to arrest him for crimes against life.

Jayjay's immediate boss at Minmax Travel Advisory is commonly refered to as Stinky (don't ask). His fondness for the delectable Jayjay is only exceeded by his love of epic poetry, so why does he ignore the terrible reports about her in Lawless?

"Yes, well, I Um.. we.. er, well" The Chief deciding whether to send in a recovery team to bring back the body of Jayjay tragically lost in Lawless. He orders three teams to fly into Lawless at night to recover the body without attracting the attention of Marauders....

They watched the three armoured personnel carriers fly off on the rescue mission and they watched as two limped back. The Maremundo team and the Troikans had returned, but what of the earth team? That vehicle would be worth a treasure as salvage and the two gypsies were determined to collect it.

While one of the gypsies fails to extract information from the slimey Maremundo team
her sister is on the other side of the airfield trying to seduce the Troikans to find out where the earth team crashed so that she and her sister can claim salvage.

her seductive powers win over the surviving warriers from Troika. (The gypsies salvage operation using giant Crulu will be in a later episode.)

  Flitting to Lawless Jones Meets Hignat
Flitting is instantaneous as you cross the string barriers in a higher dimension and step across vast distances. Remember whatever you experience in the process is an illusion.

As Jones flits to Lawless from Knwaybe HQ he is haunted by the suffering he has witnessed and his unspoken emotions for Jayjay. When he arrives outside the entry gat to Lawless he has to put those thoughts aside as he plans how to enter without being easy prey to the vile Marauders.

The sentry guard at the entry gate into Lawless requires that you swear that you are entering by your free will. That is the only requirement to leave civilization.

After Jomes so swears and he manages to get past the Marauder ambush he will need the help of Hignat Smith.

Hignat lives in Lawless and is tough enough to live in that hostile environment, but she hears voices and is keen on killing visitors after having made them comfortable for a nice chat.

Hignat uses the drone to locate Jones of the Knwaybe Defence League with whom she hopes for a romantic tryst. She helps him repair his hover rider after he crashes and gives him information about Jefratus who entered Lawless earlier. Hignat also goes on about someone she calls Sadie who was there the day before with a robot she called Beets. Jones will realise who Sadie really is and he will be reduced to tears.

  Jayjay dreams and flitgirls reassure
The delectable Jayjay dreams of her secret assignation, but it will not be as she hopes. Her meeting with the Chuprassy will transform her life. but also tumble her to her doom.

Ah, we all love them FlitGirls. The emotional disturbance that passengers experience when flitting has turned the flit attendants into the heart throbs of the modern world.

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